You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

by Nancy Sajdak Manning

Delta 50th

As Bay County's Delta College celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, the leading community college continues to prepare students of all ages for the modern workforce or to transfer on for their bachelor's degree. In this photo, earlier Delta nursing students of 1975 watch a filmstrip while listening to the audio on headphones, a novel teaching approach used in the technology-bursting decade that introduced floppy disks, VCRs, Microsoft, the Sony Walkman, Star Wars, the MRI-and the first test tube baby.

During the post-Vietnam and American Bicentennial years, women's rights and independence had continued to increase from the 1960s. In January 1974, a New York Times article cited the U.S. Office of Education reporting that women and part-time students had become the fastest-growing segment of higher education.

As inflation accelerated then and women's roles changed, men too considered new roles and professional options. The National League of Nursing's September 1973 survey, also reported in the New York Times, cited the number of men entering the nation's basic registered nurse programs had grown from 3.5 per cent in 1968-69 to 6.1 percent (5,170 men) in 1971-72. Photo courtesy of Delta College.

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