The Back Story


Thanksgiving Day

by Nancy Sajdak Manning

Thanksgiving Day is the one bright spot that compensates for all of November's dreariness and chores, concludes The Midland Sun's November 23, 1882 "Thanksgiving Day" article. "Everybody looks forward to it except perhaps the turkey, and he ought to feel especially proud and happy over the part he's expected to play on the festive occasion."

Thanksgiving Day brings home the wandering sons and daughters, to gather round mother's table, where pumpkin pie such as the world cannot supply elsewhere is to be found, and the doughnuts are nectar fried in pork, fat pork raised on the farm, and where the mince pies do not suggest the odds and ends left over, and where the turkey is so plump that he bursts open with his own fatness, and where the fire burns brightly on the broad hearth, and the dear home faces are gathered, and we go back to happy childhood when the world lay all before us. . . .

Photo of Thomas and Gertrude Majchrzak and grandson Tommy, 1955, courtesy of Robert Majchrzak Family Collection.